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Top 5 tips for playing money slots


Slots depend directly on luck, so the only thing you can do is keep an eye on your account. Bankroll is the amount of money you have deposited into your game account.

If you win, it grows, and if you lose, the result is the opposite. Clear bankrolling only allows you to lose what you can afford without getting serious financial problems from the game.


Since playing real money casinos is directly dependent on luck, it is important to get as many free spins and bonuses as you can. In this case, you will be playing with someone else’s money, putting the profits in your own pocket. Some casinos even offer bitcoins as bonuses. We have already talked a lot about casino bonuses, both in this article and in others, and believe me, this is a point worth considering.

Player Rebate Center


All slots have a bonus known as the Average Refund Percent to the Player. This is a great indicator of how generous a slot is, but it doesn’t mean that everything immediately falls into place. Do not invest too much in a slot based solely on the return percentage. Just because one slot has 97.65 % and the other slot has 97.70 % does not mean that it is worth forgetting about the former in favour of the latter.

The difference is so small that the luck factor completely overrides it. However, one should not hope for fortune in games with less than 90%, it is better to pay more attention to those whose coefficient exceeds 95%.

Progressive Jackpots

Just like with the percentage of return to the player, you should not pay too much attention to progressive jackpots. Often other payouts, bonuses and even the return percentage are reduced in order to increase the possible winnings and to make sure that the casino earns the most from the game.

Don’t get your hopes up and check to see if you can make a big score. Among other things, the progressive jackpot is also a lottery. Even though it can change your life, you should not forget that your chances are almost zero.

Bonuses in the game

The basis for winning money games is random bonuses, free backs and extra money received when using them. Such games carry a bunch of surprises, are very interesting in themselves and fascinate with the opportunity to get big winnings.

Slots like South Park and Reels of Chaos, which are based on popular cartoon series, are an ideal example of games that offer many bonuses and other types of winnings.

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